January 2014

Is THIS update long overdue!  Summary to catch up:

In St. Louis, last year, we finished 20th on our field (out of 100 teams) but unfortunately, were not picked for eliminations, so our fabulous season ended there.

In off-season competitions, in the inaugural MidKnight Mayhem, we won!  In Battle of Baltimore, we were finalists.  In Duel on the Delaware, well, we didn’t show so well on our own field, due to continued mechanical issues.  At Ramp Riot, again, we finished well.

And now, it’s on to the new game!  What will it be this year?  Only two more days until we find out…..


Scouting – checking out the competition

With less than a week to go before FIRST® World Championship, the LuNaTeCs are working hard to scout the other 99 teams we will be playing with and against on the Archimedes field.  Who has a floor pick-up?  Who has a full-court shooter?  Who can climb to the top of the pyramid?  What teams would be a good alliance partner for us?  Lots of things to consider as we prepare to go to St. Louis and play our best.

Go LuNaTeCs!!!


The Lunatecs have placed in the top 6 in MAR rankings. This means that we qualify to be one of the 14 teams going to the championships in St. Louis. Even qualifying for this opportunity is prestigious and we are all very excited. The team has done great this year, and we hope that this will set a precedent for many years to come. Get Looney! 

Follow the LuNaTeCs LIVE!

FIRST® Team 316 is now at Lehigh University preparing to compete at MAR Region Championship.  And YOU can get in on the action!  Read on to see how you can watch the LuNaTeCs LIVE!

Just wanted to share the MAR webcast link for all of you who are not able to make it to Lehigh this weekend.  Thank you to Kinsuk Shah from Team 2016 for setting us up.  


Please share with anyone interested.

Warm regards,

Nate Knauss
FIRST® Senior Mentor, DE, E. PA, NJ
FIRST® Alumnus ’02

It’s coming…..

MAR Championships start Thursday with a day of practice and tweaking Sure-Shot SAM to play even better, followed by the first qualification matches.  Then Friday we play qualification matches all day.  Saturday morning, qualification matches finish up, we choose final alliances and then it’s best two out of three elimination rounds.  Last alliance standing wins.  We plan to be that alliance!

You can watch us live as the matches are broadcast live.  I’ll post the link as soon as it becomes available.


What a GREAT day of competition Day 2 at Lenape!  FIRST Team 316, the LuNaTeCs, rocked!  We finished ranked 3rd in qualification matches.  Our captain, Nick, chose our alliance partners wisely and the LuNaTeCs went all the way to the finals where we finished in FIRST PLACE!

Watch our matches here.

FIRST Team 316 LuNaTeCs First Place Team Picture at Lenape MAR District Event 2013

FIRST Team 316 LuNaTeCs First Place Team Picture at Lenape MAR District Event 2013

The additional trophy you see in our hands is for the Quality Award, which we also won because our bot is so well-built this year that it ran through match after match with no problems.  Kudos to the students and mentors for an outstanding build season!

Now, we head to MAR Championships in April.  Go LuNaTeCs!!!

The LuNaTeCs in Action!

After two days of grueling, thrilling competition at the Week 3 MAR Springside Chestnut Hill FIRST Robotics competition, the LuNaTeCs scored a trophy and went home wearing silver medals as finalists.  As if that wasn’t enough… we took home another trophy:  the Imagery Award!

Check out our new YouTube channel and watch videos of SureShotSAM and the LuNaTeCs at Springside Chestnut Hill competition.  Join the journey!